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2017 Swim Schedule

Race Applications

Race entry forms may be downloaded from our website. The links for the forms are next to the race description. Make sure to fill out all of the form fields and SIGN the application. Mail the completed form and a check in the appropriate amount to the address on the form. Please notice the early registration date; late entries will be subject to a late fee.

International applicants should fill out the entry application, scan and email the form to the Race Director. When you arrive for the race, you will need sign the application and pay for the race in US dollars.

Many races can also be entered online through Active.com. Links for Active entries are included in the table, below, when available.

Please note that the Race Schedule is subject to change. Questions about Ocean Races? E-mail the Race Director

2016-2017 Waikiki Swim Club Biathlon Series
at Ala Moana Beach Park
Three Race Series for Individuals or Teams
Christmas, Magic Island & Valentine's Biathlons (Run, Swim)
Nov 27SunChristmas Biathlon (5K run, 1K swim)
results: (overall) (age group) (teams)

DateDay of
Jan 14SatMagic Island Biathlon (5K run, 1K swim)
results: (overall) (age group) (teams)
Feb 12SunValentine's Day Biathlon (5K run, 1K swim) − Individuals or Teams
results: (overall) (age group) (teams)
Apr 8SatFin Swim at Ala Moana Beach Park − 2K swim
enter: (Active.com)(PDF)
Apr 22SatUH Swim Clinic − FREE stroke clinic with UH coaches & swimmers
enter: (online form)
29th Annual 2017 North Shore Swim Series
Five Race Series Spanning Oahu's Famous North Shore

Race Application (PDF) Series Entry via Active.com
Jun 10SatSummer Sprint (1 mile)
Enter: (Active.com) (PDF)
Jun 24SatWaimea Bay Swim (1.2 miles)
Enter: (Active.com) (PDF)
Jul 8SatChun's to Waimea (1.6 miles)
Enter: (Active.com) (PDF)
Jul 22SatLaniakea to Puaʻena Point (1.9 miles)
Enter: (Active.com) (PDF)
Aug 5SatNorth Shore Challenge (2.3 miles)
Enter: (Active.com) (PDF)

2017 Box Jellyfish Days: (~8-11 days after full moon)

Note that these dates are estimates; check with lifeguards for current status.

1st day of influx is usually on the 8th or 9th day after the full moon, lasting 2 or 3 days. Exact arrival timing and magnitude vary month to month.

Jan 20-23, Feb 18-21, Mar 20-23, Apr 18-21, May 18-21, Jun 17-20, Jul 16-19, Aug 15-18, Sep 13-16, Oct 13-16, Nov 11-14, Dec 11-14

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Waikiki Swim Club Annual Award, "The Humu Cup"

  • The Humu Cup is awarded to a WSC member, 18 or older (masters), who achieves the most points over course of the year.
  • Jr. Humu Cup is open to all junior swimmers (WSC membership not required), 17 and below, using the same criteria as masters.

2016 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Denise Webb
  • Junior Humu: Taiyo Endo
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Sandie Easton
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Blake Johnson
  • Spirit of Humu: Vernon Knight

2015 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Denise Webb
  • Junior Humu: Cameron Lyon
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Nicole Hagi
  • Male Swimmer of Year: John Weikum
  • Spirit of Humu: Kathleen Quinn

2014 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Valisa Saunders
  • Junior Humu: Cameron Lyon
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Miki David
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Stefan Reinke
  • Spirit of Humu: Dennis King

2013 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Miki David
  • Junior Humu: Lia Foster
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Gail Grabowsky
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Ernie Leskovitz
  • Spirit of Humu: Valisa Saunders

2012 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Miki David & Uli Klinke
  • Junior Humu: Rebecca Walton
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Lori Auhill
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Bill Burgess
  • Spirit of Humu: Jada London
  • Outstanding Swimmer: Diane Stowell

2011 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Alton Motobu
  • Junior Humu: Kacy Johnson
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Diane Corn
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Karl Kawauchi
  • Spirit of Humu: Punkin Burgess

2010 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Jana Pittichova
  • Junior Humu: Jayson Hagi
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Jennifer Stabrylla
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Bill Goding
  • Spirit of Humu: Alton Motobu and Steve Rudolph

2009 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Ashton Schrock
  • Junior Humu: Rachel Randall
  • Female Swimmer of Decade: Linda Kaiser
  • Male Swimmer of Decade: Ernie Leskovitz
  • Spirit of Humu: Suilan Ellsworth

2008 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Marie Wagner
  • Junior Humu: Shanell Choi
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Linda Kaiser
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Ernie James
  • Spirit of Humu: Jim & Pat Wiencke

Points are awarded for the following 16 events:

  • Magic Island Biathlon (bonus)
  • Valentine's Day Biathlon (bonus)
  • Fin Swim
  • Popoia Swim (1.5 Mile only)
  • Outrigger Invitational
  • Duke's Swim
  • North Shore Swim Series (all 5 races)
  • North Shore 5K
  • Waikiki Rough Water Swim
  • YMCA Turkey Swim (2K only)
  • Double Rough Water
  • Christmas Biathlon (bonus)

Points are earned as follows:

  • Individual events: 1st 10; 2nd 9; 3rd 8; 4th or higher 7
  • Top 3 Overall winners get 1st place points
  • Biathlon participation: 5 point bonus for each
  • Masters may earn up to 10 points for WSC race assistance

updated 18 Jan 2016

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