Hawaii Reef Fish

Hawaii Reef Fish

DOH Clean Water Advisories

DOH Clean Water Advisories

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Hurricane Season in Hawaii

June 1st through November 30th

Be Prepared!

Hurricane Iniki, September 11, 1992

Develop a family disaster preparedness plan now. Determine evacuation routes from your home and places to meet. Determine the location of official shelters. Have an out of state contact, so all your family members have a single point of contact.

Make a plan for what to do with your pets if you need to evacuate. Check your insurance coverage; flood damage is not usually covered by homeowners insurance.

See WSC's Hawaii Weather page for tropical weather forecast.

Posted January 18, 2018

Waikiki Swim Club 2018 Annual Meeting & Banquet

2017 Humu Cup award winners announced at Waikiki Swim Club Annual Meeting and Banquet


A packed house of 100 members and guests enjoyed an evening of camaraderie, good food, and an amazing green flash sunset at the Elks Lodge, Waikiki. In addition to the election of a new Club President, Allan Six, members elected a new VP Membership, Kellie Harada, and VP Social Activities, Kelly Quin. The remaining officer positions were filled by encumbents: VP Race Operations, Sui-Lan Ellsworth; VP Communications, Gary Bignami; Treasurer, Tom Heberle; and Secretary, Denise Webb. The evening's speaker, New York Times best selling author, Susan Casey, treated attendees to an enthralling ocean-lover's talk ranging across topics of great white sharks, rogue waves, and the neurological basis of dolphin social interaction.

Another highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Waikiki Swim Club Humu Cup awards:

  • Adult Humu: Sandie Easton
  • Junior Humu: Taiyo Endo
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Kelly Quin
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Uli Klinke
  • Spirit of Humu: Gary Bignami

Posted September 7, 2017

Commercial Catching Of Aquarium Fish Halted By Hawaii Supreme Court

UPDATED Justices rule the state’s practice of approving all properly prepared applications is inadequate.

From Civil Beat, by Nathan Eagle September 6, 2017

Coral reefs at kona

The state Supreme Court has ordered a stop to the commercial collection of aquarium fish in Hawaii pending an environmental review.

In a unanimous 73-page decision Wednesday, the justices ruled against the Department of Land and Natural Resources, vacating prior court rulings and directing the Circuit Court to issue a prohibitory injunction.

The court found that the commercial collection of fish for the aquarium trade is an “action” that is subject to the state environmental review process as laid out under the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act.

(Read more)

Curious about Hawaii regulations on fishing? Download the PDF.

Posted July 12, 2017

Hawaii Governor Vetoes Aquarium Fishing Bill

Gov. David Ige faced a heavy lobbying campaign from both sides on a bill phasing out commercial collection of fish for the aquarium industry.

From Civil Beat, by Nathan Eagle July 11, 2017

Gov. David Ige announced Tuesday that he has decided to veto a bill that would have phased out the commercial collection of aquarium fish in Hawaii.

The governor said he will also veto 12 other bills, including a measure that would have required the state Attorney General’s office to defend lifeguards in liability lawsuits since the Legislature let their immunity protection expire June 30.

House and Senate leaders announced Monday that the Legislature will not convene a special session to override any vetoed bills. They said they would review the governor’s concerns with any vetoed measures and consider them during the next regular session, which starts in January.

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Curious about Hawaii regulations on fishing? Download the PDF.

Posted July 11, 2017

Monk Seal Mom & Pup
(Neomonachus schauinslandi)

Article: NOAA and DLNR ask people's cooperation to keep distance from mother seal & pup on Waikiki Beach.

Video by WSC Member Kathleen Quinn

Box Jellyfish Days

Box jellyfish arrive in Waikiki approximately 8-11 days after the full moon. In addition to Waikiki, the jellyfish may show up at Hanauma Bay, Waimea Bay and occasionally the Waianae Coast and Windward Coast (Kailua).
1st day of influx is usually on the 8th or 9th day after the full moon, lasting 2 or 3 days. Exact arrival timing and magnitude vary month to month.

2018 Box Jellyfish Calendar

2018 Box Jellyfish Calendar

Check with lifeguards if you are unsure about ocean conditions or if you are concerned about jellyfish.

Posted June 21, 2017

Hawaii Box Jellyfish Video (Alatina alata)

Video by WSC Member Pat Goding

Posted June 10, 2017

NOAA Requests Hawksbill Sea Turtle Reporting

Swimmers! You can assist NOAA's efforts to protect rare Hawksbill Sea Turtles

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Hawksbill Sea Turtle

For hawksbill turtle sightings, nesting beach tracks, and all injured or dead turtles, contact:


(808) 725-5730
(808) 286-4377 (after hours)
Send photos to: www.HIhawksbills.org
NOAA uses this information for their research.

Chelonia mydas is going for the air edit Green Sea Turtle, for comparision. These are much more common in Hawaii than Hawksbill turtles. Note the difference in the shell plates.

DLNR Asks Ocean Users to Avoid Sunscreens with Oxybenzone

A compound commonly found in sunscreens has been shown to cause serious harm to corals, and the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) is asking people who enter the ocean to avoid using sunscreens which contain oxybenzone.

A recent study has shown that oxybenzone causes deformities in coral larvae (planulae), making them unable to swim, settle out, and form new coral colonies. It also increases the rate at which coral bleaching occurs. This puts coral reef health at risk, and reduces resiliency to climate change.

Sunscreen chemicals wash off swimmers, surfers, paddlers, spearfishers, divers, and other ocean users. Even if you’re just sunbathing on the beach, using beach showers will wash chemicals into the ocean. Researchers have found oxybenzone concentrations in some Hawaiian waters at more than 30 times the level considered safe for corals.

(Read more)

Waikiki Swim Club welcomes swimmers from all around the world to enjoy our ocean and our friendship. If you are visiting or living on Oahu and interested in ocean swimming, please answer the questions in the "swimmer ability assessment" and submit the form. This will be automatically delivered to our volunteer staff. Responses to form submissions and emails are typically within three to four days. If you are visiting Oahu, please include the dates of your stay and the area where you are staying, along with your swimming ability information. The contact will advise you of potential swims appropriate for your ability and/or any prevailing conditions that may cancel the weekend swim or change the location.

Presentation from the 2013 Annual Meeting

Angel Yanagihara, PhD -- “The Science of the Sting.”
This presentation is copyrighted © 2013 – 2018, Angel Yanagihara.

For those of you who were unable to attend the Waikiki Swim Club Annual Meeting, Dr. Angel Yanagihara gave a fascinating presentation on box jellyfish, "The Science of the Sting". Dr. Yanagihara is a researcher at the University of Hawaii and a renown expert on box jellyfish. Here is a link to more information at her lab website. She is well known for her appearances on Nova, the Discovery Channel and others. She recently served as the jellyfish expert on “Team Nyad”, accompanying Diana Nyad on her marathon swim from Cuba to Florida.

Waikiki Swim Club Annual Awards

“The Humu Cup”

  • The Humu Cup is awarded to a WSC member, 18 or older (masters), who achieves the most points over course of the year.
  • The Junior Humu Cup is open to all junior swimmers (WSC membership not required), 17 and below, using the same criteria as masters.

2017 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Sandie Easton
  • Junior Humu: Taiyo Endo
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Kelly Quin
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Uli Klinke
  • Spirit of Humu: Gary Bignami

2016 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Denise Webb
  • Junior Humu: Taiyo Endo
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Sandie Easton
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Blake Johnson
  • Spirit of Humu: Vernon Knight

2015 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Denise Webb
  • Junior Humu: Cameron Lyon
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Nicole Hagi
  • Male Swimmer of Year: John Weikum
  • Spirit of Humu: Kathleen Quinn

2014 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Valisa Saunders
  • Junior Humu: Cameron Lyon
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Miki David
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Stefan Reinke
  • Spirit of Humu: Dennis King

2013 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Miki David
  • Junior Humu: Lia Foster
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Gail Grabowsky
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Ernie Leskovitz
  • Spirit of Humu: Valisa Saunders

2012 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Miki David & Uli Klinke
  • Junior Humu: Rebecca Walton
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Lori Auhill
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Bill Burgess
  • Spirit of Humu: Jada London
  • Outstanding Swimmer: Diane Stowell

2011 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Alton Motobu
  • Junior Humu: Kacy Johnson
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Diane Corn
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Karl Kawauchi
  • Spirit of Humu: Punkin Burgess

2010 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Jana Pittichova
  • Junior Humu: Jayson Hagi
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Jennifer Stabrylla
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Bill Goding
  • Spirit of Humu: Alton Motobu and Steve Rudolph

2009 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Ashton Schrock
  • Junior Humu: Rachel Randall
  • Female Swimmer of Decade: Linda Kaiser
  • Male Swimmer of Decade: Ernie Leskovitz
  • Spirit of Humu: Suilan Ellsworth

2008 Humu Cup Awards

  • Adult Humu: Marie Wagner
  • Junior Humu: Shanell Choi
  • Female Swimmer of Year: Linda Kaiser
  • Male Swimmer of Year: Ernie James
  • Spirit of Humu: Jim & Pat Wiencke

Points are awarded for the following 16 events:

  • Magic Island Biathlon
  • Valentine's Day Biathlon
  • Fin Swim
  • Popoia Swim (1.5 Mile only)
  • Outrigger Invitational
  • Duke's Swim
  • North Shore Swim Series (all 5 races)
  • North Shore 5K
  • Waikiki Rough Water Swim
  • YMCA Turkey Swim (2K only)
  • Double Rough Water
  • Christmas Biathlon

Points are earned as follows:

  • Individual events: 1st 10; 2nd 9; 3rd 8; 4th or higher 7
  • Top 3 Overall winners get 1st place points
  • Biathlon participation: 7 point bonus for swimmers
  • Masters may earn up to 10 points for WSC race assistance

updated 7 Feb 2018

The most important factor for accruing Humu Cup points is participation in as many events as possible.