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About Waikiki Swim Club

Founded 1971

Lifetime Vigorous Swimming for Fun, Sport and Health

Waikiki Swim Club® has a long heritage of adult swimming (masters). The first Waikiki Roughwater Swim was held in 1969, and the organizers of the race founded the Waikiki Swim Club in 1971. Our main goal is to promote FUN/SAFE SWIMMING. We hope you will join us!

OCEAN SWIMMING! NEVER SWIM ALONE IN THE OCEAN! (ALWAYS SWIM WITH A BUDDY). Members form informal swimming groups at various locations around the Island depending upon conditions. WSC members most often meet Sunday's at Kaimana Beach (Sans Souci) at 0800 in front of the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel, and gather in small ability groups to swim in the Ocean. Please sign the WAIVER attached to this application and send it in with your application, which will remain on file. After you become a member, you can join an appropriate group depending on your swimming ability and get put on their e-mail list for other times and locations of weekend swims.

WSC REQUESTS that you submit the Swimmer Self-Assessment form , in order to determine which swim group may be a fit. Safety is paramount and it is important that you represent your skills accurately. The best fit may be to continue pool workouts until you are a strong enough swimmer to venture into the ocean. Or, you may be ready to swim the Molokai Channel. We won't know unless you tell us.

WE SPONSOR RACES. WSC also sponsors several well-known races throughout the year, including the Chun's to Waimea, North Shore 2.4 Mile Challenge, Guess Your Time Benefit Swim, Fin Swim, and Magic Island, Christmas, and Valentine’s Biathlons. Members are encouraged volunteer to help in some way when possible.

FACEBOOK GROUP. WSC has a Facebook Group for members only. This is a closed group which requires administrator approval for access. Only approved members can see posts to this Group. This Facebook Group is a place for Waikiki Swim Club members to contact each other, report on swimming conditions, and to seek out swimmers of similar interests and abilities.

SO DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE FUN? Annual dues to join WSC are only $20 per family! We sponsor many social events throughout the year that the dues support, such as a Christmas Party, Easter Beach Potluck, Annual Banquet, and Volunteer Appreciation Night at the Elks Lodge. If you have questions, feel free to contact the WSC Membership Coordinator, Gary Bignami at: gary@waikikiswimclub.org.

Please note that memberships are renewed annually on the calendar year. Applications received in Sept-Dec are counted for the following year.

Mail In Form

Fillable PDF

If you prefer to mail in a paper application and a check for payment, click on the thumbnail, below. Download the form to your computer and open with Adobe Reader in order to use the "fillable" feature.

Mailing address is included on the form. Be sure to read and sign the waiver. A signed waiver is required for membership.

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Online Membership Application Form

Please fill in your contact information, then select the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Membership Form


By submitting this form I acknowledge and accept the following:

WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I understand and accept that when I swim with Waikiki Swim Club (Club) there are inherent risks associated with swimming in the open ocean, such as but not limited to, waves, currents, marine life, ocean vessels, surf boards, etc. and I assume full responsibility of being informed of the dangers and consequences of these risks. I also understand that swimming in the open ocean is physically demanding and carries the potential risk of death or serious injury. By swimming with the Club I attest that I am in good physical condition, as well as a competent swimmer, and have not been advised by qualified medical personnel to the contrary that would prevent me from participating in physically demanding activities or swimming in the open ocean. In consideration of this application being accepted, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against race officials, volunteers, sponsors, the Waikiki Swim Club, its officers and directors, Active.com, the City & County of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii resulting from swimming with or participating in activities of the Club.

I accept the terms of the waiver & release:

You must check "Yes" to join WSC

Check the "I'm not a robot" box, answer any questions that appear, then click on the "Submit Now" button. Click only once. If you get an error, click RESET before filling in again.

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Please email any event-related questions to suilan@waikikiswimclub.org
Please email any form- or website-related questions to gary@waikikiswimclub.org