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Aloha! Welcome to Waikiki Swim Club

About Waikiki Swim Club

Founded 1971

Lifetime Vigorous Swimming for Fun, Sport and Health

Waikiki Swim Club® was started in 1971, and is Hawaii's oldest organized club devoted to promoting safe and fun ocean swimming. Click here for WSC history (original members list). For a detailed history of the origins of the Waikiki Rough Water Swim, which was the genesis of the Waikiki Swim Club, please visit Jim Cotton's website (Jim founded and named the Waikiki Roughwater Swim and Waikiki Swim Club).

The club sponsors several ocean swim events, including the North Shore Swim Series, a Biathlon Series (Christmas Biathlon, Magic Isle and Valentine's Day), a charitable fundraiser "Guess Your Time" swim and the Fin Swim at Ala Moana Beach Park. Please see the "Ocean Races" page for further information.

To assist in improving swimmers' abilities, Waikiki Swim Club offers free swim clinics in conjunction with the University of Hawaii Swim Team. The clinics are usually held in Sept/Oct, and April/May, with enrollment limited to 45 participants.. Watch for announcements on our website and don't delay your entry. Advance notice of the clinics is provided to WSC members via our email list. All participants must sign and submit an application and waiver.

The club also meets regularly for casual ocean swims. Check out the "Weekly Swims" page for times and locations. Also, check the "Announcements" page for any recent updates or news.

With about 200 members, including swimmers spanning a wide range of age and ability, we encourage you to join us and enjoy the magical Hawaiian ocean and camaraderie of our organization.

Waimea Bay
North Shore Challenge Finish
Laniakea to Waimea Finish
Magic Island Biathlon Finish
Mokulua Islands group swim
North Shore Challenge Start
WSC Club Members - at your service
Humu Cup & Female Swimmer of the Year award winner
Pipeline Start
Green Sea Turtle
Laniakea to Waimea Start
Biathlon Finish
Free at Last!
Mokulua Islands
Monk Seal
Winner, winner, winner, winner, winner, winner
Sans Souci Moon